Help Make.ThisElection.Work!

This site hasn’t been fully launched yet, as I’m in need of some help funding it. 

I’m creating this website to give an easy way for voters to see who they can vote for, ask them questions, and see their answers.

It will be set up to show information on each electoral division/ward, as well as each candidate individually.

The division/ward pages will display information about each area, where the boundaries are, and a map to show where it covers.

There will be a Q&A section embedded below it which will show all the questions people have asked for this division.

This will allow voters to ask candidates a question. It will work as follows:1 – Voter asks a question in a particular division, such as Ilkeston West.2 – Any candidates for Ilkeston West that are registered can log in and answer the question.3 – Voters can thumbs up or down, and comment on the answers — this can be moderated or turned off if it results in lots of spam.

For each person standing in an election, there will be a page linked from their name on the Electoral Division page. It will give space for photos, a description that the candidate can write themselves, and links to their contact details, facebook pages etc., and a listing of the answers they have given to any questions asked on the site.

The aim of the Make.ThisElection.Work website will be to give voters as much information as they need to make an informed decision when they go to the polls on the 4th May.

It will be open to all candidates, in any area holding an election this May, and will be re-purposed for future elections too, with an archive of the previous election pages kept as a free public record.  

The funding here will be spent on the costs needed for the Q&A part of the website, as well as online advertising, and if funding goes over the target, some local advertising for any areas that are set up too!